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Hi, I'm Christa, a self-taught baker,

passionate about baking sweets!

I have always been someone who enjoyed baking since I was a little girl. I am originally from Montreal, Canada and I grew up in a French culture that welcomed rich pastries and sweets, which is probably where I get my baking drive from. Baking for me is not only a passion, but also a way to express my artistic skills.


“Chez Peachy” is a French term that means "At Peachy's Place". The history behind my business name is; "Peachy" was a nickname given to me from birth. My cheeks were always peachy and plumpy as a child, thus being why my dad gave me that nickname.


Chez Peachy was originally founded in 2016 in Montreal, Canada, and then moved to NYC, and finally relocated to Tucson, Arizona. I recently moved from NYC to Tucson just a couple of months ago, due to getting married to my sweetheart. I work best with cupcakes, cakes and other sweet treats in a colorful way at reasonable prices that fit your budget. My history in experience with baking for events is pretty broad and I can really accommodate any special occasion that comes my way. It can be as special as an engagement party or as simple as a sweet tooth fix for yourself!


As I plan to grow my baking business in Tucson, I hope to be a part of many memorable events to come. I look forward to baking for each and every one of you, and I aspire to make each of your orders memorable and sweet.

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